Reiki treatments

Rachael Crow Reiki

I combine integrative and intuitive healing techniques to create a custom designed healing for each of my clients. Reiki means ‘universal wisdom and life energy’ It is a Japanese form of healing similar to spiritual healing where the practitioner channels divine light to aid the physical and energy body to heal. Reiki brings about deep relaxation, feelings of joy and well being, sensations of warmth, cold, tingling, colours, waves and gentle movement are all reported feelings during and after a treatment. A healing will leave you feeling calmer, content and serene; it helps you feel more positive and better able to cope with day to day stresses. It is a useful healing technique for depression, anxieties, and stress related disorders such as IBS. It also helps relieve pain and release emotional traumas from the past and present. Reiki supports the recovery of addictions.

I work on the physical body, the energy field and chakras usng reiki and dowsing. This allows a cleansing, healing and balancing of the mind, body and spirit.

i can support you in clearing obstacles and blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life. During your session, we come together with the Spirit World- my guides and yours- to clear energies, imprints, and patterns negatively impacting you. These clearings take place across multiple dimensions and then directly transform your physical reality.

I can add in rose annointing, rose chakra balancing or a general rose healing to the reiki.

I also offer itera wand healings- see below.



Dowsing– £45

Rose Reiki Session with dowsing- £55

Reiki and itera wand session- £65

Reiki Healing session £45 reiki and dowsing chakra balancing

Reiki £30

Treatment times vary from 40 mins – 1.5 hours depending on what is needed

Other Offerings-see here

From my many trainings including massage, hot stone therapy, womb massage, fertility massage, Reiki, Rose Alchemy, Womb Healings (Feminine Awakening Energy System), Closing the Bones.  I can create a custom healing session for you.

I specialise in working with sensitive women, recovering addicts, women wanting to connect deeper to their women and women in peri-menopause. I also offer Honouring The Womb sessions.

Treatments take place at my home, usually on a massage couch (or for pregnant women, a chair may be more comfortable)

Your Treatment needs will be discussed prior to your appointment and costs will be agreed in advance. Please note, should you need to cancel a treatment/meeting within 24 hrs I charge a 50% cancellation fee.
I am based near Hebron, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Please contact by email for more information.

This wand is currently storming the world on what is possible with technology accessible within the home to treat ailments, with absolute glowing testimonials. As with the Spooky2 Rife and Scaler kits that we use to help others, iTeraCare have been very clever with their disclaimers as to not describe their kits as ‘healing’ apparatus but we have been fortunate enough to witness some results of people with arthritis and muscle and bone issues with incredibly fast results!

I am delighted to now be offering these Itera Wand treatments.

A Scientific explanation

There is much more light than meets the eye.

Light carries information in ways we might not even imagine. Mobile phones use light to send and receive calls and messages. Wireless routers use light to send images from the internet to a computer. Car radios use light to receive music from nearby radio stations. Light carries a lot of information in nature too.

Electromagnetic spectrum describes all wavelengths of frequencies visible and invisible. The light we see, which consists of certain colors of the rainbow, represents only a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Much of the light in the Universe is invisible to our eyes.

Light spreads in waves, similar to the waves in the ocean. As a wave, light is characterized by several basic qualities. One of these is a frequency.

At one end of the electromagnetic spectrum are radio waves, whose wavelength is several billion times longer than that of visible light. At the other end of the spectrum are gamma-rays whose wave length is several billion times smaller than that of visible light.

The so-called “terahertzes” frequency range or “THz gap” is located among these. They call it “gap” because the technology used to create and manipulate it is still in children’s shoes. This electromagnetic frequency band is located between the microwave and the distant infrared ranges.

Almost every molecule has a “fingerprint” spectrum in the tera-hertz frequency range. The terahertz frequency is not ionizing, that is, it does not cause damage like ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation has a higher frequency and shorter wavelengths than non-ionizing radiation, and can pose serious health risks: exposure to burns, radiation disease, several cancers and genetic damage it might cause a stab. Non-ionizing tera frequency is safe against ionizing radiation/frequency.

How does this work?

Frequency determines the frequency of life

Our bodies are made up of different materials. The organic meat and blood that comes to mind at first are inorganic, crystal-based mineral structures.

Skin is the largest organ of the body. The dermis consists of a dense network of mechanoreceptors, alongside nerve endings penetrating the multi-layer, which together provide the sensation of touch, pressure, vibration, pain and heat. It acts as a temperature regulator of the body, in a few millimeters area of the body surface it regulates the blood flow and helps the sense of balance in regulating posture and gait.

The way in which Terahertz frequency vibrations pass through the crystal structures within us determines the basic properties of the matter, i.e. You!

Piezoelectricity is an electrical charge that accumulates in certain solid materials – such as crystals, certain ceramics and biological matter such as bones, DNA and various proteins – the applied mechanical tension as a result of sitting.

Piezoelectricity means electricity produced from pressure and latent heat.

The iTeraCare device vibrates at the same molecular level as our DNA, RNS and proteins, thus influencing our health in a positive way.