Time to take a break….

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Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a while since I wrote as I’ve had a series of big decisions around my health, I’ve been sorting the sale of Moon Times and then my moon time came to give me an opportunity to go deep into celebrating my last bleed.

So I’m taking a few weeks off from July 22nd for my post op recovery (updates on my health journey can be found here).

My Etsy shop will be closed from 22nd…all online courses are still avaliable but I won’t be posting any physical items!

Suzi and I have been collaborating again and she’s created a series of Cave Drum Paintings– Deer is sold, these two are left…there’s one drum awaiting a commision painting if you would like one. These are 12″ Deer hide drums.

I’ve also got plenty of the beautiful Maga and Transition essences whch are currently holding me steady in my transition!

Coming soon…2021 Earth Pathways Diaries and Calendars .

And just to finish, I do really appreciate every ones messages of support on my social media, do keep in touch, I love hearing from you all!

much love to you all,

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