Wild Women, Shapeshifters, Cailleach…reach for your Drums!

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We are ALL Wild Women….We are all shapeshifters and shamans…and if you don’t believe me, just look at how we shapeshift through the month….our monthly cycle takes us through four archetypes each month (Maiden, Mother, Medicine Woman, Crone)…at which point in the month do you become Wild Woman?

We shapeshift through life, all the roles we shift into…..and at last we step firmly into Wild Woman as we cross the Moon Pause Threshold, when we shed our responsibilities and become more focussed on ourselves…our joys…our passions!

Most women, if they are not already Moon Struck, become so at Moon Pause…wanting to be under the moon, in touch with our Earth Mother, to lie on this 4.5 billion year old Deity under our feet!

My Drum brought out my Wild Woman- that and my womens circles, dancing naked in the woods, around fires, in sweat lodges, drumming for one another during ritual and ceremony, using my drum for healing and following the lead of the drum…not me!

My Drum woke up my Wild Woman and brought me deep into the Heart of Mother Earth.

She helps me come to a place of stillness and quiet…like a wolf before it leaps on its prey….the heart beat of the drum is the heart beat of the Earth, the heart beat of our Mother, her beat slows me down and takes me deep into trance, making me open to other worlds, to my guides, to hearing messages and guidance for my life and to share with others.

My Drum makes me free and she reminds me I am nature, and nature is free, free and wild.

This is why I live here, in the Wild Places, Ancient and Untamed.


I can lie on the Earth and Become the Cailleach , the old one from ancient celtic Myth…..the most ancient of all Goddesses who comes are times of change with her army of crows and the power of the earth and the moon…

And when I place a drum in the hand of another and they say “Oh no, I cant play” I say “oh, yes you can!”

For its deep in our Soul, the ancient songs of the Mother, just start, make a beat, not a rhythm, just a beat, a sound, and keep going, see what comes, you may be surprised!

More and more of us are feeling a deep longing for our Drums, it’s as if, somewhere along the way our hearts were removed and we didn’t notice…we are noticing now, we are meant to have drums, we are the Medicine Peoples and we need our Heart Drums returned to us.

They were taken away, the missionaries came and told us not to use these pagan tools, these “instruments of evil”, which were of course instruments of POWER! They twisted our Drum mysteries and magic into the “work of the devil” and sowed a seed of fear into folks hearts, and so the old ones hid the drums but many were broken and burned and these drums CALL to be re-made, to be born anew, to be played, danced, to heal and bring hope to the world. To remind us of the HEART BEAT of the 4.5 Billion year old Deity under our feet.

For our Drums are made from her, all the materials she grew and provided….her POWER is in this handle, this hide…HER POWER IS IN THE HEART BEAT OF THE DRUM.

So pick up your drums, let us step into our Power, let us play our SACRED DRUMS!

(C) Rachael Crow

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