Acceptance…a teaching from my womb

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I’ve been posting over on my Instagram about #selflove and #selfkindness which to me feels a huge part of acceptance and surrender.

For me, my cycle awareness has taught me a lot about acceptance- especially now I’m in peri-menopause and I just don’t know what’s going on with my cycle! Because I have practiced listening to my womb for so many years, even when my cycle feels ‘off the map’ I can still tune into the ebb and flow of my body.

So what is acceptance? For me, it’s self love- loving all the parts of myself- even the parts that are in dis-ease. It’s self kindness, being there for myself, even when I want to hide away. It’s being hopeful, creating achievable goals and staying in the vibe of abundance. It’s the “EXHALE and RELAX” feeling.

Believing I am worthy, worthy of love, happiness, peace and contentment.

Being present- making every moment count!

Acceptance is also about bringing awareness into relationships….I can only CHANGE ME!

I am powerless over other people, places and things. Acceptance doesn’t mean putting up with crap, abuse, or unhealthy relationships. It doesn’t mean being a “spiritual doormat”, acceptance has boundaries and sometimes in love, we need to walk away from the relationships that no longer serve us.


So acceptance also means a change of attitude!! Every moment is a moment to change……

And when we can see the reflections that people mirror to us, then we can be aware, bring in self kindness and self healing, self forgiveness and take that moment to make a change, no matter how big or small.


Techniques that help me stay present and not go over into anxiety, controlling behaviour and overwhelm (which can easily happen as a mum in perimenopause) – EFT is great, tapping out to release anxiety and irritations, meditation or whatever spiritual practice you resonate with, and journalling, getting it all out!

And after that…I surrender, I lay down my burdens. I trust the Universe/Spirit to guide my day.

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