Calling out the “spiritual bullshit”

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I seem to be ranting quite a bit at the moment…well maybe that’s the job of us perimenopaual women!!

It also seems to be my job at the moment to call out the “Elephant in the room”- so beware you elephants!

I’ve absolutley had it with the spiritual bullshit flying around, I’ve had it for over 20 years- yes seriously….

The first one was “God told me I’m going to live in your tipi in your garden”…seriously- fuck off now.


You know if your God, Guide, Meditation Vision, Spirit senses, Intuition is telling you something that impinges on someone else’s privacy, freedom, finances, business, family, tipi…it’s BULL SHIT!

I’ve had them all….

I’m copying your work “because I felt your spirit give me permission”

“We ARE doing “X …Y… Z” because my spirit guides say so…”

I’m copying your work “because it came to me in a meditation vision”

I’m crying about climate change, but “I’ve been invited to fly around the world to teach in your village” ….steal your punters, take money from your local community.

…and after i’ve stolen your work, “you can come to a ceremony and bless us all…..”

I mean seriously…this isn’t a JP Sears sketch, this is my life.

So there’s a lesson here, and believe me I’ve been on the other end of this- find your medicine, find your own gift. You know your gift when it lights you up, and the light stays lit in all it’s glory.

We live in a soup of creativity, but if it feels ‘too close’ , ‘too similar’ to your friends work, then talk, colabrate, come together, or leave it be…respect the boundary of NO.

Sometimes these ‘inspirations’ are an indication to colaborate rather than copy, or a message to be sat with, gestated, infused with your own medicine some more.

I mean obviously costa coffee and starbucks survive across the road from one another- just like two reiki practitioners can be good freinds- we each have our unique “flavour”- so allow your flavour though and dont try to be someone you’re not!

But us Elders are here to hold a boundary, and sometimes we have to say no, that’s not right.



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