Ovarian Breathing

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Ovarian Breathing Exercise:

Place the hands over the Ovarian centres, just below and on either side of the belly button, with the fingertips pointing downward over the pubic bone and the thumbs touching gently together near the navel creating an inverted triangle over the ovaries.

Sit quietly and rest the tongue gently on the roof of the mouth with the jaw and pelvis relaxed. Begin breathing deeply with the focus to the heart area.

Drop the focus down to the ovarian centre until you feel the energy expand and warm under your hands.

Enjoy the rhythms and movement here and let your self follow even deeper into the flow of silence.

State an acknowledgment in your heart-mind such as, “I honour and invite the sacred wisdom of my Ovarian Palace to surface now. Please guide me into my own healing in a way that will serve me with the most love. Thank you”.

Listen to the inner wisdom available here with your focus continually coming back to this space under your hands as you allow whatever visions, feelings or memories to surface and flow through you.

Bring a sense of Love and Acceptance to whatever comes up for you and circulate the ovarian energy with your breath to any part of the body that needs healing. Use the throat to exhale sounds that clear these energies from the body-mind-heart for as long as needed.

Finish up by breathing into the Ovarian Palace, and envisioning a continuous movement of energy moving in a figure 8 pattern around each of the ovaries with this loving energy around and around your sacred feminine centre.

Draw your awareness up to the heart centre and let the glow of your radiance surge through your entire body.

You may wish to write about your experience and about any creative ideas that come up.

Its advised to abstian from this exercise while ovulating as your ovarian energy is high at this time.

Use this practice intuitively when you feel you need it.

A woman  tune with her womb, ovaries and body is  in control of her life!

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