Take a Sacred Day Each Month

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I see PMT as a modern day disease/dis-ease. In cultures where women are more in tune with nature and their cycles, where they eat ‘real’ (natural) foods, where they work hard but not in offices, not in front of computer screens all day- PMT doesn’t exist!

So if we break it down in to simple steps perhaps we too can eradicate PMT!
Your Sacred Day…the first thing I strongly suggest is keeping your first bleeding day as SACRED! This is the time to retreat, ignore the outer world, switch off your phones, facebook, the TV, the radio, and instead go within yourself, ask yourself what you need. This is your time to GET CLEAR, RELEASE and LET GO of whats not needed in your life!
On the first day of your moontime your intuition is higher than ANY OTHER day of the month!
When we take this time out to go within, we tune in to our inner power, which then releases dreams and ideas for us to use later in the month.

After nurturing ourselves in this way we will feel replenished and feel as if we have a fresh start; a chance to begin again. We are so lucky to have this chance to rebirth EVERY MONTH! WHAT A BLESSING!

If every woman started to take this time out we will CREATE CHANGE IN THE WORLD! So you may have to be ‘selfish’ to make this happen for yourself. Be clear that this is a day to REST and SELF NOURISH. You are being selfish now so you can be selfless later in the month!

At this time you are sensitive and vulnerable, you need this sacred day to protect yourself. Even if you only have 5 mins before you get out of bed, do something that nurtures you and helps you develop an inner attitude of rest and renewal for the rest of the day.

Some ideas of what you can do: journalling, meditation, silence (go within and allow your insight to come though the silence), yoga, movement, tai chi, chi gong.

Take this time to allow your body to detox and purify, by eating nourishing foods; root vegetables are grounding, leafy greens are detoxing, eat healthy fats- coconut, avocado, seeds and nuts.
Drink water and gentle herb teas such as raspberry leaf. (raspberry leaf gives strength and is beneficial even to menopausal, non bleeding women)
Avoid toxifying foods; processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, fatty fried foods.
Keep your diet simple to support your body to cleanse itself.

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