The Real Truth About Menopause

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In response to the BBCs Truth About Menopause a few of us who work in the field of positive menopause will be putting out some #therealtruthaboutmenopause posts!
I believe menopause is a women’s Initiation to wise woman! Whilst some of the symptoms can feel debilitating, if we can change our view about them, feeling into them as our body initiating us, preparing us for this Rite of Passage, it makes them feel more purposeful and perhaps even more powerful?

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause When we drop into our menopause Initiation, listening carefully to our bodies, what we hear is the need to up our self care and self kindness practices! We are going through MASSIVE changes… On all levels! In order to support a smoother transition we need to soothe our bodies with self care practices to support these changes. What are your favourite self care practices? Mine are… Womb steams, castor oil packs, long luxuruois baths with essential oils, massage, time in nature… ❤️💞❤️

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You see we seem to have forgotten that menopause it completely normal! Just like our periods and birth, this Rite of Passage doesn’t need to be medicated either!
Yes, it can be tricky to navigate, and yes you may feel like you’re falling apart… But its OK, you are 😊 You’re being re-wired, re-woven, re-made into a strong Wise Woman ❤️ Menopuse is the journey to your authentic self! So a note to women coming up to 40…its time to study menopause, prepare yourselves, plan to go part time, job share, consider how you will manage your energies…. Get support in place, eat well, cycle chart, put regular self care practices into… Yes, practice!! Sit with elders, ask questions, listen to your own body, for she is your best teacher!

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Menopause is a woman’s initiatory journey to wise woman… It’s not meant to be easy… If it were it wouldn’t be an Initiation! We are Changing Woman, being shifted and shaped anew… and whilst the change is uncomfortable at times, we grow and become more finely tuned to our lifes purpose! If we carry on, head down, medicated.. We miss this amazing chance for growth and stepping into our authentic self!
So in response to the @bbcone Truth about menopuse, I stand up to challenge to break taboos and share with you #therealtruthaboutmenopause.
Follow me on @rachael__crow work with me on my Broken Basket Woman course and let’s experience #positivemenopause

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause one of the *embarrassing* topics… Vaginal dryness… There’s different opinions on this… Some women like to lube up… Check out @paula_youmell_rn if you’re in the US for her natural moisturiser, I like Yes organic water based lube, and I think it’s avaliable on prescription in the UK! 😁
The other stance is one of listening to our bodies needs, is our vagina needing something different at this transition in our lives? Perhaps is really is time for a ‘men- pause’? Menopause is the deep call to the Self… Are you needing more alone time? Perhaps you have been putting up with a relationship that doesn’t serve you, perhaps it’s time to connect with your partner in a different way? Time to talk about change? Your change? Can we put sex on the table? In my healing journey it’s certainly something that I’ve had to go deep with! I share all about it here….

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause you will want LOTS of alone time! Many women experience a deep calling in perimenopause and they may not be sure what the calling is… Time alone helps us navigate the grief of things not achieved, babies that didn’t come, dreams that didn’t manifest…….
Our immune system is low and self care needs to be upped! Eating well, cutting out the usual stuff-caffeine, alcohol, sugar, over processed foods… All supports this transition.
Putting YOU FIRST for once becomes vital to your smooth transition!
Here I write more about self kindness in perimenopause…

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause Now many women don’t think they need to consider menopause until they reach at least 50…well I’m here to tell you the earlier you think about it and get to know what’s coming up the better! Looking back I would say the signals of change began around age 42 for me… Stress was impacting big time and migraines became the hormonal indicator I was transitioning into my premenstrual phase… I had never suffered migraines before! Then my cycles shortened, anxiety ramped up, a few months later on come the hot flushes…
So… How do we support ourselves best?
1.Cut out as much stress as possible. This might need to be a change of mind set about things…. ‘let it go..’ has been my mantra of the last few years!
2.Clean up your diet. I did a weekend course in nutrition which helped me understand better why certain foods just weren’t doing me any favours! Or see a nutritionist that can support you making healthier choices.
3. Self care practices. Find what works for you. I can’t recommend meditation and journalling enough!
4. Herbs, supplements and essential oils. My blog link below lists some that may help.
5. Gather the women. Talking about this transition and what’s happening in our bodies makes it less taboo and more normal! Start a red tent or moon lodge group, or find one in your area.
6. Exercise. This protects your bones, find what works for you. Jumping on a rebounder, yoga, gentle jogging, walking…
7. Get enough rest/sleep. If you’re suffering from insomnia then it might be time to introduce afternoon naps? Or just some quality rest time. Have a footbath or read a good book!
8. Books. Delve into some of the amazing menopause books out there. Susun Weeds menopause book is my bible!
For more in depth support ideas see my blog

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause heavy periods and flooding often start in perimenopause. As well as being physically draining and there possibly being underlying health issues such as anaemia, Susun Weed talks about the energetics of flooding being your body telling you literally you are giving too much of yourself away.
So along with flooding, there must be deep rest, Me Time, stop giving to others, check your boundaries. Are you people pleasing? Saying yes when you want to say no? Are you prioritising yourself? These are all questions to sit with.

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause Anxiety is a symptom that not many people associate with menopause, but it’s becoming more and more common. The culprit? Well a heady mix of perimenopause hormones and a cocktail of stress hormones = anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.
Perimenopause (in fact just before… Late 30s early 40s) is the time to start planning for big stress reduction in our lives. In our 20s and early 30s we can *just about* get away with it, but taking stress into our menopause transition is a recipe for disaster.
If anxiety is already a factor for you, then it’s time to do some serious self soothing. What can you cut out of your day/life that’s stressing you out? Can you ask for help? Delegate more of the household chores? Where is the stress originating? If it’s work, can you negotiate time off to recuperate and rebalance? Can you job share? Go part time? Many women take a menopause ‘gap year’, to allow the changes they are going through to happen with more ease-without the distraction of work! Not all of us can afford that, but perhaps it’s something you could intend for your self… A weekend away on your own, or perhaps creating a sanctuary room in your house?

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause insomnia… No one likes insomnia! It’s a method of torture, how do we function on a few hours of sleep? Strangely I’ve moved from fighting my insomnia, attacking it with all the natural remedies possible to accepting it and managing it as best I can. (most of the natural remedies only worked temporarily)
So… Top tips for insomnia. Get up and have a herb tea, don’t toss and turn for hours! If you feel a burst of creativity, go with it. Stop worrying how you will cope tomorrow, you’ll be OK. Download some good podcasts and yoga nidras to listen to in the wee hours. (I recommends @thesacredwomb for lots of womb loving podcasts, also @umadinsmoretuli for yoga nidras, and @hayhouse have loads of meditations and books on download) do some journalling, especially if there’s things worrying you and going round and round in your head. I found this was the time my regrets hit me…. All the dreams I hadn’t manifested, all the frustrations of what I hadn’t done ‘yet’, lots of grief arose and I was able to have the quiet space while my family slept to process a lot! So there can be gifts to be found in the wee hours of the night!
Here’s my blog of book recommendations for the perimenopause journey!

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause how about we change some of the negative terminology around menopause? Even menopause is a bit of a rubbish term, how about Moon Pause? ❤️
So hot flushes could become power surges, does that feel better?
What are these warming power surges and why do we have them? Well it’s all down to the liver. Because our body had got so much going on at this transition, with the hormones and the lowered immune system, our liver starts to cleanse and heat up, and the body tries to cool it down creating a ‘flash’ heat sensation. So the best thing you can do is support your liver! I recommend Anthony Williams Liver Rescue book as a good starting place. Of course cutting out toxins will help and noticing if any foods trigger the heat. Many women find foods such as alcohol, sugar, spices, dairy trigger a heat surge.
And of course our liver is connected to the emotion of anger… It’s interesting to note if a heat surge comes with moments of anger, angry thoughts… Take the time to notice what you were thinking about as the heat rises, it can be quite an eye opener!
Susun Weed talks about these power surges being our kundalini rising… So if we can pause in a surge and focus our energy on our chakra centres and feel the heat rising, how does that feel? Are you able to make the space to drop into your power surges? 💪❤️💞

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause If we can be completely present with the transition the gifts of self growth are amazing! Our body is initiating us on all levels to wise elder. But if we numb out to the process we will miss these amazing opportunities to grow.
I’m witnessing so many women self medicating thier menopause with alcohol & ‘recreational’ drugs. One response was ‘whatever gets you through’… As if drinking or smoking dope is the easier option! It’s worth remembering that through perimenopause and menopause our immunity is lower, so adding toxins into our body isn’t doing it any favours. We want to be suporting our liver, not toxifying it! Our liver is working over time during this transition, so if your experiencing hot flushes, alcohol really needs knocking on the head. It’s also a depressant, & with the huge mood swings & emotional changes you’re going though, again, adding booze in the mix isn’t going to help things! Our moods and emotions are in such state of flux, really any mood altering substances aren’t going to support you, they could even contribute to worse moods, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks… Some days menopause itself is enough to deal with without adding mind and mood altering substances into the mix! Some women are also choosing cbd oil as a natural menopause medication, what many women don’t know is its estrogenic, and if your symptoms are already estrogen dominance, then this may not be good! (most symptoms are estrogen dominance… Our hormones are doing a delicate dance as we journey this transition, after reading Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, I’m of the view we shouldn’t meddle with them!)
So all in all, as an advocate of embracing all our rites of passages fully & naturally, I’m here to support you & let you know ‘what will get you through’ is that a supportive circle of friends, self awareness, acceptance, a healthy diet & purposeful supplementation routine to nourish and support your body to full glowing health, knowledge of what’s ‘normal’ symptoms in perimenopause and menopause, listening to your body, self care practices and through all of this you WILL BIRTH YOURSELF AS WISE MEDICINE WOMAN!! Xxx


#therealtruthaboutmenopause I’ve written quite a bit about preparing yourself for the physical manifestations of perimenopause and menopause, now I’m going to dive deeper into the True Calling menopause brings. For many the Calling starts with a NEED to be alone, for quiet, for peace! What arises from these alone times can be precious gifts that show themselves, they can also be difficult emotions we need to work though. We can go to the depths of despair in this ‘void’ place, feeling cut off from others not going through this who don’t understand , even feeling cut off from Source. It can feel dark. We have to take the journey of menopause alone- but energetically we can take our support circle with us, know you are always held by Source, your ancestors and the Earth.
If you’re unable to get time alone, you may experience deep rage and resentments… You may want to burn your bridges and run away! The lesson here is to support yourself with sanctuary time.

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause Once you have surrendered to the journey of menopause you’re able to be more accepting of what it brings… The reality of changes going on in your body, mind and soul. Although it still feels like a void place, sitting in limbo, if you can just let go of analysing and drop into listening and trusting your intuition, your inner knowing and let that guide you, all will be well. You need time alone to settle into an intimate examination of yourself... And this takes time. Examine old wounds, missed opportunities… Your adolescent self may act out from this place (hands up who is listening to thier fav teen bands?!), there maybe sadness, grief and a deep tiredness. Menopause takes as long as it takes, and the journey will end, not from forcing anything but from practiced patience, acceptance and letting go. In letting go, you find yourself!

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause when you’ve accepted that you’re fully on the path to wise elder something begins to shift and you allow yourself to receive. As you drop deeper into the process you can shed the old life of relentless doing and give more time to yourself. As you feel more at ease and accepting of yourself, you are able to bring in more self care, self kindness, gentleness which leads to greater wellbeing. As you come into greater alignment with yourself you can feel the juicy possibilities of your wise elder life ahead…there is a sense of freedom in the knowing you are part of something larger than you! You have come through the pain, brokenness, emptiness and are filled with a new energy, a new story, a new life! 💞

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause As you travel your own personal path of menopause your journey of self growth will affirm your calling and your truth. You will have a deep knowing of what you must do… Even if it involves radically reorienting your WHOLE LIFE!!! This is the place of reaping what you have sown as you have walked the unknown terrain of perimenopause, if you have walked with your intuition, had time alone, time to journal, assess, accept, let go, then your vision of your future elder years will be clear! Fully connected to Source you hold your truth, your soul path with strength and step into your true calling as Wise Elder.

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#therealtruthaboutmenopause as your menopause journey continues and you have given yourself up to the process, being worked from the inside! Yep menopause is an inside job! You will come into an alignment with your energy and how much you are able to give/not give. You will come to a pace that is of your own timing, settling on to your new path. Letting go of all that no longer fits, you have clarity of direction and the capacity to initiate all you need to bring your gifts to the world.
It is time to take up your role of authority in your life, deeply affirm your commitment to your soul path, your souls calling and step out into the world as a powerful, initiated Menopausal Medicine Woman.

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After 2 weeks of posting about The Real Truth About Menopause, I’m feeling its time to wind it up with a summery…
Our Moon Pause time brings amazing gifts of clarity, self awareness, acceptance, where we want to put our energy, what direction we want our life to go in.
But whilst in the thick of physical manifestations, brain rewiring, emotional upheaval, soul searching it can feel messy, unknown, scary, stuck in limbo and hard to see light at the end of the tunnel…. This is the time to sit in circle with your sisters, dig deep, journal, strengthen your spiritual practices (even if they feel like they aren’t ‘working’!), clean up your diet, listen deeply to your body and the physical manifestations it’s presenting, sit with what your body wisdom is telling you….
Eventually it will become easier, you will drop into acceptance, and with each Moon Blood you will begin to wonder if it might be your last? When this time comes, gather the women and start circling and talking about how you want to honour this threshold, how will it look for you to step into your Wise Years? Will you birth a drum, have a sweat, camp out on a mountain or beach, stay up all night watching the stars, walk the camino??
Plant a seed now for honouring this threshold for yourself and your sistars. 🌱♥️🙏
Thank you for reading, for sharing, for being part of the #positivemenopause movement… It’s time to step up and step out and break the taboos!

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If you would like to work deeper with me, join my Broken Basket Woman Online course– Broken Basket Woman, Mid Woman, Changing Woman, Wise Woman, Deepening Woman, Sacred Wise Woman teachings for women on their Mid Woman Journey…..

Standing at the threshold of what our society labels ‘menopause’ can be a lonely and scary time.

Something is changing. We are slowly wrapping ourselves in our cocoons and preparing for the Initiation into Wise Woman, knowing we will emerge as something different, a beautiful butterfly…but sitting inside the soup of the cocoon, in a place of limbo, a void, we can feel as if we are going crazy- becoming Broken Basket Woman and terrified we will not be able to weave ourselves back together.


Physical symptoms, spiritual questioning, life changes may feel overwhelming As a circle we will gather our fragmented pieces back into ourselves and gently weave ourselves back together.

These teachings I am offering can help ground you in your transformation, give you reassurance and support you in emerging as the Wise Woman you are created to be!

I will lead you, tenderly holding and guiding as we create space for healing, reweaving and just BE-ING. You can take your time to go through the work i at your own pace, there is no “Start or End” …once the teachings are ‘open’ women are free to join at any time!