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Now many women don’t think they need to consider menopause until they reach at least 50…well I’m here to tell you the earlier you think about it and get to know what’s coming up the better! Looking back I would say the signals of change began around age 42 for me… Stress was impacting big time and migraines became the hormonal indicator I was transitioning into my premenstrual phase… I had never suffered migraines before! Then my cycles shortened, anxiety ramped up, a few months later on come the hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats…

So… How do we support ourselves best?

Here are my Top Ten Tips….

1. Cut out as much stress as possible. I know…easier said than done….this might need to be a change of mind set about things…. ‘let it go..’ has been my mantra of the last few years!
2. Clean up your diet. I did a weekend course in nutrition which helped me understand better why certain foods just weren’t doing me any favours! Or see a nutritionist that can support you making healthier choices. (and drink more water- filtered!!)
3.  Self care practices. Find what works for you. I can’t recommend meditation and journalling enough!
4.  Herbs, supplements and essential oils. My blog link below lists some that may help.
5.  Gather the women. Talking about this transition and what’s happening in our bodies makes it less taboo and more normal! Start a red tent or moon lodge group, or find one in your area.
6. Exercise. This protects your bones, find what works for you. Jumping on a rebounder, yoga, gentle jogging, walking…
7. Get enough rest/sleep. If you’re suffering from insomnia then it might be time to introduce afternoon naps? Or just some quality rest time. Have a footbath or read a good book! Prepare for insomnia with a good stash of podcasts, books, perhaps a flask of tea by the bed. Try not to go into ‘trying to get back to sleep’, or over thinking.  Acceptance has really helped me with this one!!
8. Books. Delve into some of the amazing menopause books out there. Susun Weeds menopause book is my bible! Check out my fav books here!
9. Take time out! Get plenty of alone time, you crave it, it prevents the niggles, irritability and even the rage storming in! Many women experience a deep calling in perimenopause and they may not be sure what the calling is… Time alone helps us navigate the grief of things not achieved, babies that didn’t come, dreams that didn’t manifest……
10. Putting YOU FIRST ….over the past few years- or even decades,  when did you put yourself first? Putting you at No.1 becomes vital to your smooth transition!

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