Why Does Mummy Bleed? My new book with Stephanie Green

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Where did the inspiration for this new book came from?

As a mother, I felt there was a need for a way to explain to our children in a simple picture book about our moontime.

My children see my pads and know when it’s my moontime, they have questions about it that of course I can answer, but I felt a little guide book for them would be good. When I’m in my moontime isn’t always the time I want to talk about the ins and outs of my cycle! So I wanted to create a book where tips could be included, so children can support their mother while she enters her bleeding phase and understand she needs the pace of life to be slower, quieter, gentler.

It was so good to connect with Stephanie Green on a facebook group where we were discussing the lack of books like this…so we decided to create one together!

And of course include a positive view of our moontime, explaining its not the same as having a cut, it doesn’t hurt, our bleeding time is sacred, any pain is a sign we are doing too much… if young girls can understand this then I have hope for the women of our future having more positive menstruation experiences.

I’m aware many women have womb issues, pain and problems such as PCOS, Endo, flooding etc, but it’s important our daughters don’t have fear it might be the same for them. That there is another way.

My lifes work has been to awaken women to the power of their cycles though use of eco menstrual products, writing books and blogs to support this awakening and provide links and information about how we can be present with our cycle and heal our wombs.

I offer womb blessings, healings and Honouring the Womb sessions. Some healing can be done distantly. I have witnessed so many women over my 25+ years of teaching completely change their attitude about their periods, embrace their moon time and heal their wounds. It’s time for a new story about periods, they don’t need hiding, medicating or ‘stuffing up’!

(C) Rachael Crow March 2019

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