Wise Women in Conversation

In this conversation Ruth Cato asks me about boundaries!

Ruth’s Course ‘Where Are Your Boundaries?’ is available now from www.ruthcato.com

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Deepening Woman Online course thats open from May 1st

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my latest Wise Women in Conversation video- Eartha and I talk about death as an initiation- and Deepening Woman– a culmination of both of our lifes work, put together in 9 thresholds (or modules) following the Life Spiral. We begin on the spiral at Birth and work our way through all nine passages/initiations to the threshold of Death.
This last year we have both been through the death threshold in our lives and have been grateful for the tools we had to hand, the tools we teach in Deepening Woman.
Here humanity stands at the threshold of the New Earth, so we are offering these tools once again, to support and guide woman, to give an anchor in these wobbly times, to support connection to the 5D vision of the future, where we can step out of fear and in to love.

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See Eartha’s work- https://sacredwomansacredworld.org/​ and https://womanbecoming.org​ for girls

The Third conversation is with my good friend and reiki teacher Lianne Holmes as one of the Wise Women I wanted to interview. Here we talk about Time; the Greek’s three definitions and depictions of time- Chronos, Kairos, Aion, time in lockdown, the nature of time, the magic of being ‘out of time’. Enjoy!

The second in the series of Wise Women in conversation- Kate and I talk about what’s going on in the world, how to go down the rabbit hole and stay sane, using our voice to stay well, being in our truth.

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The first in a series of Wise women in conversation-Indra and I talk about using our intuition, sharing our resources of resiliance, supporting others and SMILING! The beauty of chats with the people you love….
Being open to the wonders of the NOW!! in casual convo, how are you all coping with this time? And what are you doing to keep yourself sane?
We share our wise words of wisdom, because that is what we are.
Wise Women of this time.


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Indra – Silent Moon silent-moon.co.uk/

we mention…. Dolores Cannon- on Amazon Prime- Transformation: An Audience with Dolores Cannon,
Dr Joe Dispenza youtube.com/watch?v=FZXVix4TNOI