Chemo round 2, Dark Moon, Deep Ceremony, Reclaiming Surgery

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This dark moon was a potent one for me!

The day before chemo I had a swim at Amroth with two girl friends….in honour of my Cancer Sistar Sally who sadly never made it for a cold swim after us both saying we would give it a go for the last year or so! So I have decided to keep it up for myself and in Sallys name! It was a beautiful sunny morning, the water was bloody cold so there was much swearing and shouting to help me ease into the water- under my acupuncturists instructions I didn’t stay in for too long, but I did feel SO INVIGORATED afterwards and was very happy to crack open my hot flask of tea in the sun and relax on the beach after- fully dressed of course!

Then Friday was chemo day, listening to the Chemotherapy Companion from Hemi Synch ❀️ visualising chemo as a love potion, created with love… especially for me. Chemo as love medicine πŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’›

With each drop going into my body I was imagining drips of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…

Arriving home from hospital I began to prepare for my Dark moon offering πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒπŸŒ’ scroll by the photos if you’re squeamish!

Earlier in the week (on my birthday to be exact!) I was able to go back to Swansea and collect my ovaries, since I had arranged for them to be kept for me after the hospital had finished biopsying them. Because of my surgery recovery and then starting chemo, collection hadn’t been easy to arrange- but I seized the opportunity and got my Birthday Ovaries! How many people can say they got ovaries for their birthday???? (I also went to the fabulous V Hub for lunch and went wig shopping!)

You’ll see from the photos they labelled the bags wrong, there were definitely two very large ovaries in the big bag!!

So that evening, after my wonderful hubby dug a hole under my rose bush, I cleansed myself with home grown sage, made prayers and began with offerings of my moon pads and moon sponge- I couldnt fit them all in, so I decided I will keep some for other rituals/ceremony/give aways!

Next in went my hair that I had shaved off for the “Big Shave Fundraiser”- again smudging, offering prayers of thanks for my amazing body, my beautiful hair (that will grow back!), creating a nest for my sacred ovaries.

Now for my ovaries, plus the tubes and my omentum that was also removed, sadly everything had been sliced for biopsying, although I was able to put the peices of my ovaries back together, once more smudging, praying, letting go… giving thanks for my miraculous body, thanks for the babies my ovaries helped produce, honouring these creative organs that lived inside me for 48 years, that brought me so much wisdom, the wisdom of my female hormones, my wise blood, my wise body, my wise womb, honouring my ancestors, my matrilineal line, asking that these offerings be accepted and transformed by our Earth Mother, by my ancestors….letting go, letting go, letting go…. sprinkling them with rose petals gathered by myself and friends over the summer….

Covering with earth and a heart stone my son brought me from the beach ❀️

This is how we reclaim surgery, make it sacred, make it ritual, make it yours.


Rest in peace ovaries. You served me well πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’›


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