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This month I had the spaciousness to fully drop into my Moontime Womb cave for a few days- no children, work, errands!! And the insights kept coming and coming…..

I felt deeply connected into the Autumn Woman archetype- I call her the Enchantress or Priestess; she can be the pre-menstrual phase of the cycle, and the peri menopause phase of our lives. She is the truth speaker, the veil lifter, she feels deeply and carries the pain of womankind. She is deep magic and deep healing- if we are allowed to go deep with her! Her message is powerful and although it seemed a direct message for me, I believe its the message for womankind at this point in Herstory.

“No longer will I be pushed aside, ignored, and neglected, my time has come and this time I will be heard. I have IMPORTANT WORK TO DO! Do not presume I will gone in just a few years, how long have you been in the Summer of your life? How long have you embraced the Mother archetype? Now is my time, and I need to be heard. I’ve been lost for too long…Maiden, Mother, Crone…what about me…where was I in all the honouring of the sacred? Before you can fully embody the Crone, you must fully embody Me.

All I ask is that you take the time, rest into me, together we can create something magical and new….but if you push me away, if you don’t have time for me…I shall still be here and I will be PISSED!! Those days you are cranky with your mundane tasks, it is because the time for mundane tasks is over, you and I, we have more important things to do! And no, I won’t go away if you drug me either, I will continue to rise, surging through you with FIRE! Until we are cleansed, you and I, clear and ready for the next adventure.

But first there is magic and healing to do, together we must rise, heal the past, heal the ancestors, the witches, the wise women, honour and heal the red road of the past to clear the path for the future. Yes, where are the men? Why are they not praying, apologising, healing for their violence towards women- where are the witch hunters and why aren’t they repenting to us? Why? Well because they are YOU! Can you consider that? That perhaps the women of today where the men folk of yesterday, and this is why you are doing this work? This is why your menstrual blood must be poured on the earth to make good the violence of the past. This is why you need to do healing rituals, make offerings, RE-Member the past.

The time has come, we have important work to do”.

Her message relates to our pre-menstraul phase as much as our peri-menopausal lives, have you noticed when you’re able to ‘drop’ the mundane tasks as you come up to your moontime how much easier life is, how less irritable you are? And for women in your peri-menopause, do you hear her calling you back to yourself, your deep dreams and desires?  It’s not an easy ask, and one I struggle with day to day, but by creating more space for me, giving myself rest time, pottering time, walks in nature….whatever it is you need, it allows our inner Autumn Woman the space to enter and guide us, with her wisdom and truth.

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