My 7 day Juice Detox that became 14 days!

Rachael Crow Blog

Wow, we made it, 7 days juice detox!! (Well, it was really 14 days including the first week of prep- cutting out heavy meals, introducing more liquids- for others they were ditching coffee, alcohol, gluten, dairy, fat….luckily I dont have any of those in my diet so it wasn’t too hard!)

All while still working, being home, cooking for the family….! I didn’t know if it would be possible, I’m used to doing a few days fasting but this became a MEGA cleanse! Most folk opted in for a couple of days water fasting, everyone realised how little we really need to sustain ourselves, some of our kids got involved making themselves juices and smoothies, trying the soup recipes…yeh, healthy kids!! There were massive awakenings around the addictiveness of caffiene, sugar, processed foods!!

We juiced, had potassium broths, liver drinks, linseed tea, coffee enemas, flaxseed oil enemas, even urine enemas! Liver packing, lots of resting, supporting one another on the group chat and ended feeling AMAZING and so chuffed with ourselves!

I’ll be running another support group in the Autumn with loads more info on supplements and herbs to support detoxing, parasite cleanising and hormone balancing. In the mean while, this course is still avaliable if you fancy giving it a go!

I did a deep dive and included the Liver and Gall Bladder miracle cleanse- here’s my “naked” video where I share my thoughts on that!

Some photo highlights…I did have a couple of times where I had to escape and be away from the family while they were eating things that smelled just too tempting- I even managed to not give in when the kids were making delicious smelling biscuits!


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