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Hello my beauties,

Well here we are, still in our cocoon time (as I’m calling it!), and here in West Wales we are being blessed with awesome weather, I’ve been meditating, doing my yoga and making drums in the garden while the kids entertain themselves with finding toads, frogspawn and playing in the paddling pool.

I have also had time to rearrange my bedroom- something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and create my journalling, meditation and distant healing space.

What has been coming up for me at this time of planetary acension is a clear need to step firmly and deeply into “our Medicine” whatever that is for you…Life is very much showing me where my medicine is needed, and what I need to be turning my attention to, and it will be different for all of us. I’ve been needing a lot of time to just BE while I calibrate to this new energy and slower pace of life, this is a planetary initiation and if gone though consciously, it’s pretty amazing.

So my medicine has been finding balance- and as a Libran, that’s been my life long journey, to find balance in all things, at the moment it’s holding the balance of truth and light, and not going into the rabbit hole of conspiracy, but being aware and awake to what’s happening, being firm in my truth and my medicine (sorry folks, my medicine isn’t making fancy face masks- which I ranted about on my social media and got a lot of support on Instagram– thank you sisters!) but continuing to bring healing in to the world in many ways- you can join me daily at 12pm to send healing, love, peace and harmony to the planet and all of humanity, weekly – Sundays at 9pm, I’m still holding a few online courses, teaching Reiki, working daily with addicts which has always been my service, popping in on my Let the Love in Fb group, making drums as and when Spirit calls one through! These 4 were birthed over the Libra Full Moon.

This week I wanted to share with you a list of free resources for staying in the flow of wellness that are avaliable from me and some of my favourite teachers and people I love to listen to…my first tip is  “screen time” needs balancing with nature!

Another resource I shared on my social media this week is “My Book of Positive Aspects”… This is from Abraham Hicks… Take a note book, title it Book of Positive Aspects, (decorate it if you like!) spend some time each day listing all the positive aspects of friends, family members, favourite places… This is especially needed now while we maybe up close with family for quite a while and maybe focusing too much on thier annoying traits, or even to remind us why we love the people in our lives who we aren’t able to see, and while we can’t visit many favourite places at the moment, we could list all the amazing things about our home and why we love it. ❤️ This daily practice just keeps opening our hearts to gratitude.

I shall leave it there folks, stay well, stay open, stay grounded and most of all, stay in LOVE!

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