It’s all about transmuting this month!

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Hello Bright Ones,
Let’s stop for one moment and breathe together, feel our Earth Mother under our feet and Grandmother Moon above, giving thanks to them and for all that’s between; all life on Earth, the magic of the cosmos and the mystery of life!
How do you feel now? This simple practice of pausing and taking a breath can be so powerful- perhaps transmuting a moment of stress into peace? Or a feeling of frustration into letting go?

I’m currently imagining my body transmuting chemotherapy into healing energy, I’m calling and drawing on the strength and transforming energy of our Earth Mother to support me while we work together to heal. My body is a reflection of the abuse/trauma/dumping ground our Mother has sustained over the years. This “chemo trip” is an opportunity for change, for bringing in light and healing, for prayers for our Earth Mother and for everyone in need. To shine a light on everything that needs transmutation. 🌟🌟🌟 The fire/heat sensation transmuting into Kali energy burning through all that is no longer needed! Systems are breaking down, the world is changing, my body is just a reflection of this…I’m grateful to play my part in the global healing at this time. πŸ™ All is well. Aymen (click the link on the image to watch my video talking about all of this!)

Part of my own healing journey has included working with an amazing team of healers which include shamanic practitioners, acupuncturist, counsellor, reiki practitioners…. and I was excited to work with Andy Kemp this month who supported me in journeying to the akashic records, right back to my first ever soul incarnation to clear some out dated contracts and recieve some healing for my energy body- he’s an amazing guy, almost from another planet! I would highly recommend him if you need some support with any health issues- he also does kinesiology and Quantum K!

If you were following my social media this week I promised an exclusive offer to my subscribers… and here it is… all my beautiful rattles and drum beater rattles are ON SALE!Β  I only have 13 in stock and when they are gone, they are gone! Click the photo to order.





This chemo round I’ve been making “sister” prayer beads with little Russian Doll beads, this white quartz one with Mother and Child is on my webshop (click the pic). My energy is so low while I’m on chemo that creating anything feels like a massive acomplishment, so I’m really grateful for all of you who have been buying my beads, and my in store stock.

Also, you may like to see my video about how Mary has come to hold our hands at this time and my Mother Mary healing visualisation.


NEW IN! These gorgeous A2 lunar wall planners (click the pic to be taken to my shop)

Bundles of diaries avaliable, get a discount the more you buy!

Well that’s about it from me this month, I’m due to get my latest scan results soon, so all fingers and toes crossed, prayers, distant healing etc ALL WELCOME! Follow my blog in the next week or so to see what the outcome is.

If you’d like to contribute to my healing journey, you can donate on my paypal or gofundme.

Thank you,

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