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Hello my Dearests,

If you follow my social media you’ll see it’s been a weekend of grief and gratitude- our Sistar Sally passed peacefully at home with her family around her. Some of you may have met Sally when we funded together for a healing retreat last year, or maybe on one of our Red Tent days when we worked together doing closing the bones, womb massage and yoni steaming.

She was much loved and will leave a huge hole in our sisterhood and our local community. Sally was consistantly positive, smiling and always had a listening ear for those in need. She will be much missed by us all.

Image- taken by Emma, Sally and I on my Thirteen Moons Journey, celebrating with cake! Sally was often seen with a camera in her hand.

What other news? Well I started chemotherapy last month, which has been quite a surreal turnaround for me! After a lifetime of natural healing I have had to change my mind about allopathic drugs and give it a go, seeing it as love, healing, golden elixir! But boy it knocked me down for a week or so. Combined with all my other healing practices, protocols, fasting etc we are praying this combo will do its job!

While I’ve been recouperating from round 1, I had a delivery of Moon Charts which are up on my webshop, along with the gorgeous Earth Pathways Diaries and Calendars . So If youre looking towards 2021, your diaries are here! Bundle deals avaliable, do have a peek.

I’ve also got plenty of my books in stock, Thirteen Moons, Why Does Mummy Bleed and Molly’s Womanrunes. All make lovely solstice/yule gifts.

If you want to keep up with what I’m upto, there’s all my links below for social media and places you can find me! This month I uploaded a few drum videos for my Etsy listings, plus my head shaving vid, and you’ll find many others on my Vimeo Channel. I look forward to connecting with you all.

Much love,

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Drums , Rattles and drum supplies avalable on my Etsy shop.
Custom Drums, see my website for photos of custom drums and to conect me to order.

Why Does Mummy Bleed?  By Rachael Crow, art by Stephanie Green, A beautifully illustrated book aimed at children, age 2 upwards, to explain about why mummy has periods and how they can support mummy with her cycle.
Menarche, A Journey into Womanhood by Rachael Crow- A mums and girls guide to celebrating her first period; includes menarche (first period) stories, the connection to the moon, understanding your cycle, menstrual tips, suggested books and poems.
Thirteen Moons, complied by Rachael Crow- A 250+ page book, Thirteen Moons includes a Moon Journal for you to fill in and chart the connection between your cycle and the moon, as well as containing many articles by inspiring and amazing women, poems, art, stories and much more!
Womanrunes-  Book and Oracle Cards for Listening to the deep self.
Daughters in Flower – last few packs, book and oracle cards for mums and daughters.

Online Courses
Deepening Woman with Rachael Crow & Eartha Love. Combining womens rites of passages with deep shamanic practices. Deepening Woman Teachings will guide women though the Nine Passages /Life Spiral of womanhood, as well as including menstrual recapitulation, rites of passage ceremonies, shamanic journeys, meditation, Red Tent and Moon Lodge wisdom, journaling, circling, chanting, crafting, touching nature and connecting with our ancestors.
Broken Basket Woman, Broken Basket Woman, Mid Woman, Changing Woman, Wise Woman, Deepening Woman, Sacred Wise Woman teachings for women on their Mid Woman/moon puase Journey.
Love Your Period Let’s dive into our womb space and work on what’s blocking us from loving our periods. Our wombs are not our enemy, although if you suffer from pain, pms, migraines, back ache, cramps, flooding… it feels like it!
Red Girl Teachingtools for healing your young maiden and menarche girl, looking at these two passages/thresholds.
Womens Honouring Ceremony-  I have created this online teaching with all in information you will need to hold a Womens Honouring Ceremony/ Honouring The Bones/ Closing the Bones/ Post Partum healing/ – whatever you choose to call it!
Reclaiming rites of passage, ceremonies, rituals…By just BEING with each other we can create healing.
Red Tent and Moon Lodge Wisdom-Do you want to set up a Red Tent, Moon Lodge or Womens circle but don’t know where to start? I share my expereices with you.
Reiki 1, half price. Reiki will change your life…for the better….It’s an amazingly simple healing tool that is so needed in these times of change!  As you connect to the reiki energy you will become more positive and will feel it increasing your energy and expanding your creativity and openning doors which you didn’t even know exist!! All this and so much more is waiting for you!

Meditations, Drum Journeys, Visualisations
Alchemical Womb Centre Meditation for Healing & Balance
This womb meditation is a unique healing experience, bringing balance to the hormones, tapping you into the mini energy centres of the cervix, womb and ovaries and bringing opportunity to recalibrate the energy of your womb centre as you coming into health and balance. Within the womb space is the power of alchemy and magic, when we deeply connect into this space…well, who knows what magic we can do!
Healing Visualisations– a powerful collection of healing visualisations: Connecting To Your Inner Wise Woman, Pelvic Fire Bowl and Golden Healing. Feedback- Thank you Rachael, I loved your meditations… I’ve tried quite a few others over the months/years but none that feel as relevant, helpful and effective as yours. I was really able to engage with it and every part felt to be exactly what I needed it to be.
Forgiveness Meditation- I’m sharing one of my forgiveness practices, which I have also added a little part on evolution, for that’s what we are here to do, and often our resentments, anger, fear hold us back from evolving. Our soul wants to grow and evolve…and forgiveness can help us shift into that vibration, forgiveness of others and ourselves.
Do browse this category for many more healing visualisations.

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