#vaginarevolution It’s Time We Empowered our Vaginas!!

Rachael Crow Blog

So in my last newsletter I spoke about reclaiming my power at my cervical examination by asking to insert the speculum myself 🙂

This got me thinking about vaginal health in general, and then pondering more specifically on vaginal dryness that can happen when breastfeeding and more common when in perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

I was to start this #vaginarevolution by asking you to connect to your vagina… place your hands over your pubis and take your attention down there, perhaps do a little mental sweep around your pelvic bowl, say hello to your womb, ovaries, cervix and vagina. How are they all doing today? Now home in on your vagina, how is she doing? How is she feeling? Do you know what day of your cycle you are on (if you are cycling)?
What words come to mind when you connect to your vagina? Journal them and see what comes up!


Having spoken with several women about vaginal dryness and yes we’ve discussed lubes, diet, herbs….more about those later… what I want to encourage women to drop into is how does their vagina really feel? Many perimenopausal women have noted their vaginas just aren’t juicy/sexy any more, and they are OK with that.

You see there’s a thought that if the journey of menopause is the “call to the self” – so perhaps sex is a bit of a distraction?

Or perhaps it’s time to deepen your intimacy with your partner in different ways- can sex be taken off the table for a while? Why not try massage, feeding each other chocolate and strawberries, meditating or finding another spiritual practice you can share, bathing together and washing each other….

Oh don’t listen to those  who say “if you don’t use it you loose it”…  I say “listen deeply to your own body wisdom- you know your body better than anyone else!”

For those of you who are missing sex, or just want to know more about vaginal health, here’s some tips from women I’ve spoken to as well as a few from the awesome herbalist Susun Weed…

Tips for Regaining Vaginal Juiciness…. Jade egg practice, acupuncture, moxa over the womb, yoni steams, womb massage that includes coccyx and buttocks, vaginal massage if you like it (I recommend Womanology Botanicals) , vaginal pessaries made from coconut oil with herbs (get herbal advice) and Aloe Vera gel (organic of course), Motherwort tincture, plantain ointment, raw honey (Tasty!) or calendula cream can be used as a soothing lubricant, nettle tea and nettle vaginal bath, oat baths, comfrey root and chamomile compress onto the labia (or use a chamomile tea bag! ?), massage around the ankles to stimulate energy to the pelvis, ditch all soaps, bubble baths, non cotton undies etc daily omega 3 such as flaxseed and vit b 12.

So, Join me in the #vaginarevolution and lets take our reproductive health into our own hands…. and lets keep talking and sharing so no one has to feel embarrassed and alone!