Connection and Community in 2020!

Rachael Crow Blog

Hey everyone,
How’s things? We are feet firmly in 2020 now, the energy feels so different, we are all being called to step up, shed our limiting conditions and step out- be the best we can possibly be- whatever that is…we are all unique and in the ‘feild of plenty’ there is space for us all to shine our lights and bring our gifts to the world! Which aligns perfectly with my passion of supporting people to get into their authentic truth, by going back, looking at the past, healing wounds and moving forward in life with purpose! So maybe now is the time to join one of my online teachings

Along side my teachings I have Facebook support groups- for another one of my passions is connection and community…As many of you who have followed me will know I have run red tents for years, moon lodges, camps, womens circles, mum and daughter groups- one of my gifts is bringing people together and this can be possible on line too! My Facebook groups are magical places of love, holding and sharing….so have a look at my offerings and see if anything resonates….

So whether you need to connect to your cycle, learn ways to celebrate your menarche with a catch up ceremony, journey the unfamiliar territory of menopause or you just need an uplifting drum journey/meditation, there’s support here for you!

All my courses have a Facebook support group (optional to join!) more info about these on my video…

I look forward to creating connection and community with you….

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